Stop Cleaning your pool. Add a Pool Solar Dome from Solar Domes Australia. 34 years proven to be the best pool investment you can make. Swim any weather, no more pool blankets, cuts out 95% of rubbish in your pool. Our Pool Solar Dome folds back 1.5 - 1.8 metres instantly each end. Swim in your pool night time, daytime, anytime. The dome keeps your head warm as it retains the pool temperature within the dome. Most swimmers fold both ends down for an enjoyment you have never experienced before. If its hot the dome cuts back the uv light and lessens chances of getting sunburnt. If you live in a hot climate you can put a shade cover over your pool. Whats more the dome will heat your pool in the summertime in most cases as good as Solar Heating. Our dome stops evaporation saving our precious water. Chemical use is much less and it you add an ozone unit then you can kiss those skin rashes goodbye. Solar Domes Australia dome is not a pool fence but can save a life when children get over, under or through a pool gate. You feel much safer with a pool dome. Already have a pool house, put a dome on and stop the condensation in your pool house. With a pool dome you have a heating system, cleaning system, saftey system, money saving system, pool house and much more fun. Does it have removeable sections. Yes you can get them but no-one ever takes them off so don't bother. I liked the dome that much I brought the factory. For a free quote email us us some measures and shape of our pool .