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4     POOL HOUSE FEATURES img1 Click on Photo. In the pool house we have an instant hotwater shower to have a warm washoff before stepping down into the luxurious 36 degree pool. Inside we have a change curtain, stereo and big screen projector. A bar and kitchen bench are available to make a hot or cold drink. A had basin and mirror inside allow for preperation before leaving. As the pool is ozonated and there is no chlorine you do not have to shower after leaving the pool. The pool house is heated and costy. Step out of the pool house into the walk out area, glide into the pool and you can swim out into the open. A bit cold you can pull down the dome. An experience you won't forget. Also on entry to the pool area we have a seperated toilet and changeroom. In summary customers like our concept.
1. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - Explained Are you looking for to get a start in a your own business or wanting to expand or compliment your exisiting one.? Barilla Thermal Springs is now looking for a motivated person to purchase the management rights for our new business. Because the business is new then the management rights would be only $2,000. Options of purchasing shares in the business model are available after trial period. The business is new and has loads of potentual for a comitted person wanting to work in the dayspa, health, fitness and rehabilitation industry. At present we have a Sports, Hydrotherapy and family pool that is self contained with pool house, toilet and shower facilities. 3 other pools are designed intot he concept for growth. A lap pool can also be installed. The business offers private hire for Learn to Swim 0-4 years. hydrotherapy for ladies and mens Groups, rehabilitation for accident and trauma, pool parties with family hire to locals and tourists who visit the park. Barilla Thermal Springs is a business model that leases the land off Barilla Holdiday Park, utilises their existing infrastructure and provides services to the local and tourism market. The business model is now installed and ready for a person to start with this model. Close to the Thermal Springs Pool centre is a holiday unit that can be turned into consulting rooms for health treatment expansion. Barilla Holiday Park also has existing customers by the thousands visiting the Putt & Play Mini Golf, Cafe, tourist & caravan park. Customers love the pool concept because it offers what others centres lack. They love the privacy, ozonated water,(no chlorine) the 36 degrees water, safety bars all round, sound system, big screen for training or movies in the pool, indoor-out door option, powerful swim jets, massage jets and spa. The even floor is ideal for hydrotherapy and the steps can be used for exercises. The proof is in the pudding you might say so it is necessary for you to trail this concept if you are to understand it properly and to see how it can fit into your vision and business plan. Phone Craig on 0428434238